Quotes From NC Artists!!

I've had an amazing amount of support and positive feedback since I jumped in blind but with both feet firmly planted in the Hip Hop scene of North Carolina...I asked for some help from artists that have been in the NC Hip Hop scene and I'm pleased to share their words with you...

Kam Moye:  North Carolina Hip Hop can be one of the strongest music scenes if it was solely based on talent. Even though we don't have a "music industry" here, there are a crazy amount of music legends who have NC roots. There were a LOT of rappers and producers back in the day who were from NC but never claimed it until it became "cool" to come from the South. That's one of the reasons why NC went unnoticed for so long. All of that is changing nowadays..."

J. Gunn: "I have always said, and standby it today: I have traveled to damn near all 50 states, I've never seen a place with more talent then North Carolina! If NC can get out of its own way and start to believe in itself as a legitimate force in Hip Hop, we will become THE premier scene in the COUNTRY!!"

RapperPooh:  "There is alot of talent in North Carolina, ALOT! I believe in order for NC to get the proper look or the look that everyone else would love for it to have, unity is needed. No ONE person will put NC on, everyone has to collectively work together to make sure the rest of the world knows that the talent is here."

Cesar Comanche:  "We have forgotten that music is only a fraction of the Hip Hop culture. The youth has been let down because the blind are leading the blind. We are more concerned about what Hip Hop can do for us and not what WE can do for Hip Hop. Backward thinking creates a backward culture."

Edgar Allen Floe: "The North Carolina Hip Hop scene has EVERYTHING you need when it comes to the artform. No matter your preference when it comes to Hip Hop, North Carolina will deliver! If we combined minds, ideas and resources, we could EASILY be our OWN industry!"

Kaze:  "Tara works hard to create opportunities for her artists and handles responsibility where most people drop the ball. A name you can TRUST!" (s/n I asked for a quote about NC Hip Hop and this is what I got, I was a little confused, but then understood it clearly. The artists I work with and I have a bond, beyond the music and business. We trust each other and support each other, no matter what! Thanks Kaze, means alot!)