Welcome To My NC World!!

Just over 4 years ago, I was introduced on a larger scale to the Hip Hop scene in North Carolina. I had noticed the local scene of North Carolina artists in 2004/2005 such as Brandon D, Kaze, 9th Wonder and Tye Banks. Being drawn to music my whole life, I had never really invested so much time into one particular genre until now. I grew up on Rock, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Blues, Country and "Rap". I can admit, I was "in love" with Ozzy and Brett Michaels when I was young & dumb. Most of the "rap" I was exposed to was dirty and vulgar, usually from cassette tapes brought in from Philly & New Jersey. My hometown didn't have much of a music scene, really none at all!! And internet wasn't as accessible to ordinary people. While pregnant with my oldest son, I really started getting more in-tune to my writing side and I started hearing more "lyrically based" music...Hip Hop!! By the time I moved to North Carolina from Pennsylvania in 1996, I was listening to Hip Hop music more then any other genre (except for my prized Harry Connick Jr. collection). I was a young mother (my 1st son was born when I was 16) so I was more in tune to what music was popular to the younger generation. Yes, I was that crazy mom that got the confused stares as I pulled up to the Elementary school carpool lane bumping Eminem, Snoop Dogg or Tupac.
My Ex-Husband hated it (emphasis on EX), but I just couldn't stand listening to Crosby, Still's & Nash or Fleetwood Mac anymore, don't get me wrong, amazing artists, but I wanted to "move", to be "stimulated" and Hip Hop did that to me!

From the bass bumping beats to the stories in the lyrics, Hip Hop became my favorite music of choice. After seeing some live shows in the Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham areas of North Carolina, I became hooked! Eventually, I was no longer a simple "fan". I used my Facebook page to share events that I was invited to, posted music from local artists that I liked (SkyBlew, Azon Blaze, Drique London, Lazurus, S.Gold, 1100 Huntaz, Jozeemo, and more). I was recruited by a group out of Durham, NC to stand in as their Promoter and help them book shows, "Homebase", which consisted of Emcee Loot-Tenant Trax & DJ Steel Wheel aka Will Brown. From there, I was contacted by Jozeemo from East Durham. The rest is history in the making! I am currently the Publicist/Promoter for NC artists' Kaze (aka 4Letters/Black Kennedy), and King F.A.M.E. And most recently started working as the PR for Triangle Music Group/Triangle Music Worldwide (which consists of Gerald Robinson and his roster of artists: M.O.S, Carolyn Malachi, PUFF TV, Derek Olds and Presidents 919.  I support the talent in North Carolina whether you're a rapper, singer, producer, venue owner, poet, comedian, etc...This state, Our state, has an incredible amount of "unrecognized" potential and it's hard for me to not do all I can to push it!! Keep in mind though, I am a BUSINESS, willing to put my time into furthering YOUR career, and YOU should be willing to INVEST in YOURSELF by gaining as much exposure to what you have to offer to the world!  

Tara Hemmerly
TaraMarie Entertainment LLC