Sunday, June 28, 2015

Chris "Lil' C. Corleone" Peterson is an American Singer/Rapper 
hailing from Smithfield, North Carolina. His recently released Mixtape,
"So Far Faded" (Hosted by DJ Wispas & DJ Arab) is a smooth riding
collection of remixes and original tracks. Lil' C. Corleone highlights
his ability to sing then drops some mastered lyrical content on his 

"My mission is to make it, be persistent and patient...Ain't nobody 
gonna give it to you, you just gotta take it..." comes from Track #8,
"For Me" and it gives the best representation of Lil' C's drive to be a big
player out here in this music game, and nobody is going to get in
his way! 

@LilCCorleone (Twitter)

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