Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ron Beatty "Heard About Me"

Let me just start this post with saying I'm a fan of Ron Beatty (formerly known as Chedda Chapp). He helps to define the mind, drive and ambition of the "Independent Artist". Ron has been one of those artists that keeps you believing in big dreams and the "never give up" philosophy. After his last project, "The Empty Theater", Ron moved to Atlanta, seeking more recognition, more opportunity and more outlets to share his music with. His mentors, since early on, are the same people that played a pivotal role in J. Cole's early career. Brion Unger (Nervous Reck), Noland Hicks & Bobwire. Nerv also produced for Cole's latest album, "2014 Forest Hills Drive". 

Ron Beatty just released the 1st single and video from his upcoming album, "Manifest Destiny", and I love the visual backdrop and the content in his lyrics. "Heard About Me" leaves it all on the table about his struggles with his music career. Ron pulls us into his mindset, and I'm sure a lot of other artists will relate to this track. After listening to the words in this song, I'm looking forward the full project because I have a feeling going back to using his government name, Ron Beatty is ready to let the world know exactly what he has to say...About music, life and his future. 

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