Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"IStruggle" by Novacain featuring Jozeemo & Oace Spades

In times of Civil Unrest, there are still glimpses of Unity, Brotherhood and Concern for our neighbors around us. The daily struggles for Independence, Validity and Justice run deep through our Black communities while the news is rampant with acts of Violence, Injustice and Misuses of Power by our Authority figures. It is long past "the time for change" because the necessary changes have to start within oneself first.  "IStruggle" draws us through the desired unity needed between not just our city, but our neighborhoods. You can't lead a people, if you can't first learn to direct yourself.  

This song is powerful! Salute and Respect to the artists, Novacain, Jozeemo and Oace Spades

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