Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"Hillmatic" Showcase in Chapel Hill

When it comes to the HipHop History of North Carolina, Chapel Hill is one of the foundation landmarks. With venues such as The Local 506, Cats Cradle and the now closed Jack Sprat, the town is rich with monumental events. In the forefront of this history is Kevin "Kaze" Thomas, as one of the few OGs still pushing and repping the HipHop Culture of this predominately college run town. 

The 1st Annual "Hillmatic" Showcase promises to deliver a peek into the past, present & future of Chapel Hill's talent.  20+ years of HipHop in the Hill! Most emcees I've met and/or worked with reminisce about "Microphone Mondays", the legendary beat battles with Apple Juice Kid, Erv Ford, Khrysis and Skaz, the HipHop Nation TV show and Sunday Night Sessions. Everybody who was anybody emerging from North Carolina's Underground scene came through the Hill at some point in time... J.Cole, TYFU, King Mez, Jozeemo, JGunn, K-Hill, 9th Wonder, Little Brother, Kaze and many more. This "Hillmatic" event promises to deliver a major celebratory night of good music, undeniable talent and unforgettable history. Performers include JSwiss, No9to5, Well$, Fluent, Kaze, and special performances by SkyBlew & The Digidestined Band and J Rowdy & The Nightshift band.

In the words of Kaze:

Wow. The city with so many contributions, hosted moments, and talent instrumental in the Carolina#HipHop Movement its unreal. UNC HipHopNation. TYFU. Sankofa. Haxoba. Underbrush. Dj Pez. Birthplace of the ORIGINAL Apple Chill.The many shows Shaw and Uzi did at Cats Cradle that brought stars within reach. They put us on those shows. L in Japanese. Phonetic. A Typical. LowKey. The MC battles w/ me, Phonte, JGunn, and Jozeemo. HipHopNationTV. Microphone Monday. The legendary Beat Battles. Who gonna win? Erv, Slack, Apple Juice, Dirty, Khrysis or Skaz? Dj Flash and Izzy Nice killing shit. 9th was there. BigDaddyKane. ButtaTeam too. Fayettenam and Durham in the house. But they'll let you know that for sure. Cole was there. So was Nerv. SundayNightSessions. Mez was there. We all were. Every week. Bishop holding it down. Big Darrian at the door. Dr. Katz establishing HipHop curriculum at UNC-CH. Freestyling in The Pit continues til this day. Pierce Freelon and Apple Juice taking BeatLab worldwide. Damn homie I could keep going on and on. But that's what AUG. 22 is for. #HILLMATIC

Don't miss out on is looking to be a yearly festival of North Carolina's music history!


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